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Slicing wood is becoming more typical with wood burning ranges acquiring in appeal along with for outdoor camping – however how do you perform this job securely? When utilizing a hand axe to slice wood, the easy job of cutting up logs can be possibly fatal if you do not follow a couple of easy guidelines.

Covering the axe both secures the axe blade and anybody who can end up being hurt by the sharp axe blade. Prior to utilizing a hand axe check the wood haft or handle for fractures or nicks. Make sure that the blade is connected safely to the haft and that it does not wiggle on the end of the haft.

For maximum protection it is necessary to have the proper personal protective devices like a set of shatterproof glass and security boots while slicing wood. With splinters efficient in flying in any instructions shatterproof glass are needed. Even the tiniest piece of wood can be found in contact with your eyes can trigger a significant injury. With the possibility of big pieces of wood falling or the axe missing the target while slicing security shoes with steel toes are advised.

When slicing wood, keep in mind to have a firm and steady surface. Never use an axe by trying cut a log raiding an unequal surface. The log might spring off to one side however the axe might continue to fall perhaps into your leg or foot. The axe might continue to fall striking a rock which might dull the blade. To keep a steady surface it is necessary to keep your slicing area free and clean of particles. When you are completed slicing one log stack the pieces to the side prior to starting once again with a new log.

It is essential that while using a hand axe or splitting axe to cut log make sure it does not include spikes or nails and is less than 3 inches thick. Foreign things embedded into a wood log can toss into the air while slicing wood and can hurt you or other individuals while doing so. The basic guideline is that if the wood log has metal in it toss it away it is unworthy the problem the flying metal can trigger for a couple of sticks of wood.

Now that you have made the essential preparations you are prepared to slice wood. Raise the hand axe with both hands securely grasping the haft focus on the center of the log. Your objective is to strike the wood straight in the. Striking the wood on the side or to the front can trigger a glancing blow might leading to injury. Deliver the blow by putting all your strength behind the axe. If in the first hit your axe does not cut the wood in half, tap the axe fixed in the go to the platform till it makes its way down and divides the log into 2 pieces.

In the next post we’ll discuss the history of scandinavian axe brands, you will find a mini review of an excellent Gransfors Bruks small forest axe and our buyers guide on how to choose the right type of axe for camping in the forest.

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