If you have already enjoyed the pleasures of becoming a mother and do not want to get pregnant any further, then it is possible that you may have thought about sterilization. Sterilization not only gives you the freedom to enjoy your sex life without our pills and contraptions, but also ensures better health as you gradually age. Though there is not fixed age when you ought to sterilize yourself, yet women who are 40 years old or more are the most appropriate candidates.

Several sterilization techniques are presently available for women, yet essure and tubal ligation or tying your tubes is a commonly adopted technique because of it ensures safety at a lower cost. Tubal ligation, when done properly, will give you peace of mind for your entire life. However, before you decide on undergoing this surgery, here are a few factors to consider:

It is usually permanent
Tubal ligation is more or less permanent and cannot be altered if you do not have a reversal surgery. Not only that, reversal surgeries may not be a viable option in all cases due to a number of factors like age, the type of tubal ligation method used and so on. So, the results of the surgery are usually permanent and you may not ever again become a mother again without employing artificial techniques like IVF. So, you have to ensure that you really do not want to become a mother ever again.
There are small but real risks

Like any other surgery, tubal ligation too has its share of very basic risks. You will be put under anesthesia and then your abdomen cut open. So, make sure that you understand that opting for the surgery will expose you to these little but possible risks.
Male sterilization is much easier. Read more abour side effects of essure and tubal ligation. If you no longer want babies, your partner getting snipped is a much better option than undergoing tubal ligation. This is because vasectomy much easier, less risky and also reduces the chances of a prostate cancer in your partner. It’s a win-win situation for both of you.
You can get pregnant

Yes, that’s true. You can get pregnant if there are any slipups during the surgery. Not only that, even a successful surgery isn’t fully protection as tubal ligation is claimed to be only 99.5% effective. And since, tubal ligation, in no way, stops egg production; all that would make you pregnant is a single sperm which somehow manages to move up the tubes. So, there is not 100% guarantee.
Your periods may change

Most women who opt for some permanent way of sterilization often see a significant change in the nature of their period. This is because they stop taking the pills that usually affect the hormonal levels in women. So, if you plan to undergo the ligation, you may expect a change in your menses.
Once you have considered these factors carefully and discussed the same with your partner and doctor, you can decide on whether you want to opt for the tubal ligation procedure or not!

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